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But after listening to Chris Parker’s marine weather forecast on the short wave radio at 6:30 … You’re going to be heading offshore and crossing the Gulf Stream to get to the Bahamas. It provides a better angle for crossing the Gulf Stream’s strong current than Fort Lauderdale farther north, while to the south the Florida Keys curve away to the southwest, which only adds distance to the transit. … If you want to sail to the Virgin Islands and beyond this season, say so. Crossing the Gulfstream the 2nd Time. Tips for Crossing the Gulf Stream A sailor recalls tips for crossing the gulf stream and its effects on his route. We still hadn’t caught any fish, but on the upside we had entered the Gulf Stream! We took a small jog around an 8.2 foot shallow, but in hindsight, this was probably not necessary. We were ready to go! WATERWAYGUIDE.COM BAHAMAS 2015 39 W The Gulf Stream Planning to Cross the Gulf Stream Crossing the Gulf Stream in any kind of vessel can best be compared to the progress of an ant trying to traverse an airport’s moving walkway. (There will be a video, too!) By . There are multiple boat ramps, marinas, hotels, and parking options to choose from when going to the Bahamas, after doing our research, this is the ones we choose and recommend. Um, that last little tidbit is my least favorite. Boat clean, laundry done, last trip to the grocery store complete. Soon after New Years, we reluctantly pulled ourselves away from the pleasures of Key West and headed north along the Florida Keys. Others were considered even… Basically it is like a giant river of warm water in the sea, averaging about 60 miles wide and 2500-4000 feet deep. In my last post, I documented a bit of our second crossing. So we need a south or west wind, and low swell. We take a nice weather window shortly after arriving in Key Biscayne to cross the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas. The first place we can check in is West End, we’d have to leave about 2am for that. How to prepare for a cruising trip to the Bahamas – Provisioning – What should you take with you – The best weather and strategies for the Gulf Stream crossing – Our experience of the Gulf Stream crossing – Arrival to Bimini – How to check in to the Bahamas. Another option has just emerged, and Robertson is enthusiastically recommending it to clients. I just recently heard that “cruising is just doing maintenance and repairs in a warmer climate”. I consider crossing the Gulf Stream something to get over with so we can enjoy the Bahamas, not really a pleasant day of sailing for its own sake. We sailed a comfortable crossing under a first reef. Because of all that, we were being particularly careful watching for the perfect weather window to make the jump. While many small boaters are intimidated by large expanses of open water, crossing the Gulf Stream is easy and safe as long as you are properly prepared. Crossing the Gulf Stream from Florida is not to be underestimated. January 15, 2019 / FloatsOurBoat. by Valleycat on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. The … Accordingly, we researched boats that would be capable of the venture. But crossing the Gulf Stream depends on weather, so you wait whether you like it or not. What makes a window to cross the Gulf Stream Crossing the Gulf Stream from Florida. The Gulf Stream current runs from South to North and the prevailing winds during the winter come from the Northeast creating steep, choppy waves with a short interval. Date Posted: 2016-03-10 Source: Waterway Guide Cuba Bound . 3 days should get you to the Little Bahamas Bank. Favorable wind and waves were not predicted for the following week, however there was a two day window of reasonably calm seas and no wind. We said our goodbyes to our friend and dropped her off at the nearby restaurant where she caught an Uber back to Coconut Grove. Short of having dead calm seas, and thus no wind for sailing, I don’t think we could have had a smoother trip. Gulf Stream Crossing to the Bahamas Art Deco Festival at South Beach, Miami by Joe Boulay: Decisions are made, unmade, questioned, pondered, remade and after a time settled upon when staging for an upcoming Gulf Stream crossing. This is "Gulf Stream Crossing to Bahamas Turf to Surf Sailing" by Tasha Hacker (Turf to Surf) on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people… The ant might well have wanted to make a direct crossing; but, inevitably during its transit, it will be taken beyond its target. PREPARATION The first step toward accomplishing any goal is to make the mental commitment to do it. Crossing the Gulf Stream to The Bahamas …. Bahamas Expedition—Crossing the Gulf Stream. Isn’t that dangerous? The real dangers in crossing the Gulf Stream aren't the rough sea conditions that prevail when there is bad weather, they are the real day to day man-made menaces. Gulf Stream Crossing: Day 2. It was all beam winds (and beam waves & swells) at about 15 knots. Crossing the Gulf Stream - Keys to Cuba. I'd go in that way to avoid any poor weather trouble getting through one of the passages. This is a really important time to SAIL YOUR OWN BOAT. Our crossing of the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas Bank is shown below. Fortunately we aren’t traveling with any deadlines or time constraints, which allows us to pick the perfect weather window for crossing the Gulf Stream. Crossing the Gulf Stream! For those who have been following this journey, we finally made it to the Bahamas. After a night in marine stadium we moved the boat to anchor outside of No Name Harbor, where we planned to wait for our weather window to cross the Gulf Stream. Crossing the Gulf Stream - Bahamas Bound! We didn’t even turn on the engine until we were half way across the stream. But the stream is only 45 nm off St. Augustine and then about 50 to cross it so a 24 forecast gets you to the other side. Apr 22, 2015 - Well, we did it. January 15, 2019 / FloatsOurBoat. 3/22/2018 2 Comments How we sailed across the Gulf Stream—with Kids! Crossing the Gulf Stream. The following day was steaming hot and we struggled to keep cool. Strong current from the Gulf Stream can wreak havoc on your navigation, and weather from the Atlantic can seemingly come out of nowhere. Sailboat Crossing the Gulf Stream to Bahamas January 19, 2017 - Ricochet, a Gemini 3400 catamaran, crosses the Gulf Stream from Miami, FL to Bimini, Bahamas. on . To assist in our planning for a trip over to the Bahamas, we’ve decided to write out the ways in which we outfit our sailboat for crossing the Gulf Stream and what we do to prepare for visiting a new country. Our very last overnight sail. Because it’s a significant current, if the wind has any northern component, it kicks up a rough swell. All the work and prep and planning and we had done it. Certain appealing models were eliminated because of concerns about whether they could handle crossing the dreaded Gulf Stream. Updated July 17, 2018. This is "Crossing the Gulf Stream to Bahamas at dawn." Crossing the Gulf Stream can be as easy as a day trip on Long Island Sound or Chesapeake Bay, but it can also be a challenging undertaking that can have unfortunate consequences. When we decided to sell the ranch and buy a boat, the whole plan was to visit the Bahamas on the boat. Clothing became optional at this point and Nick resorted to dousing himself in seawater every ten minutes. As I start to write this, we are waiting in Nassau for a boat part. That’s ok by me. The Gulf Stream is a warm swift Atlantic current that runs from South, originating in the Gulf of Mexico, to North. Off the east coast of Florida it flows … Dec 23, 2018 - January 19, 2017 - Ricochet, a Gemini 3400 catamaran, crosses the Gulf Stream from Miami, FL to Bimini, Bahamas. We left the Miami channel heading southeast with a COG of about 135 deg. The actual crossing to the edge of the banks was about 130 miles and it took about 15 hours. Our trip was complete with a pod of pilot whales, lots of dolphin, a few close cargo and cruise ships, and our slowest sailing speed to date! After our pit-crew efficient 15-hour stop in Boot Key Harbor, we were on the move again. Crossing to the Bahamas . It’s not the same for everyone but we’ve done this a time or two now to know what we need to accomplish for a successful trip and know what we want to have along for the voyage. While crossing the Gulf Stream (that wicked current that rips up the east coast) was definitely one of our biggest obstacles in getting to the Bahamas, and we approached it with a healthy fear, we were thrilled to make it safely across when we checked into West End and realized we had just done it. As a passionate retired science teacher, the Gulf Stream is one of the natural wonders of the world. Just outside of No Name Harbor, near the tip of Key Biscayne, we had anchored the night before. It all depends on your planning, preparation and, above all, patience for the right weather window. It was also going to be one of our longest offshore crossings. The Bahamas Journals – Chapter 1: The Gulf Stream Crossing, The Flats and Nassau. Crossing the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas After a couple weeks in Marathon we were itching to go sailing. Posted: Feb19,2019 | Modified: February 19, 2019 | by Dean Massey. Actually, the 12-hour trip over to Bimini, Bahamas is pretty simple. Anchor raised, we headed north, planning to leave the Hawk Channel at Angelfish Cut and aim our bow for Bimini. If you’re planning to make the crossing, make sure that you prepare your gear by following some helpful tips from our friends at BoatUS. John & Jane. We’ve been waiting for a weather window for our Gulf Stream crossing to the Bahamas. There are lots of “old timers” who love taking newbees across and showing them the “right” way to do it. In the past, charter clients aiming to avoid an extended Gulf Stream crossing had to fly to Nassau, Bahamas, and either meet their charter yacht there or take a regional flight to a smaller airport in one of the out-islands. Attempt #2. There are lots of ways across the Gulf Stream and lots of ways not to do it. September 25, 2019. Feb 21, 2019 - How to prepare for a cruising trip to the Bahamas - Provisioning - Our experience of the Gulf Stream crossing - Checking in to the Bahamas in Bimini. After that it's just like any other blue water passage. One thing that living on a boat is famous for: inability to plan. Of course crossing the stream needs to have a good weather window. Sailed our boat to the Bahamas. Mother Nature is a tough teacher: She usually gives the test before the lesson. Marinas aren't what boats are built for. If there’s an east wind, we can’t sail. Crossing the Gulf Stream to The Bahamas….. Attempt #1. It’s only a little over 50 miles, and there are usually several boats that make the trip together. Crossing the gulf stream is not a joke, and you need to be well-rested, alert, and sharp.

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