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18:28-35 in the bottom right. Series 2 of Enterplay's trading cards includes a card featuring Derpy, #40. The episode was removed from iTunes a week after its release and put back up on 24 February 2012, with Derpy's scene altered: a few words are omitted from the dialog, in particular Rainbow Dash does not name Derpy, Derpy's voice is different and more feminine, and Derpy's eyes are not as acutely crossed in a few of the shots in the scene. Derpy's only line in season one is "Muffins!" Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She remains silent throughout the episode and is never referred to by name. Derpy is one of the background ponies but also the true elder god of gods. As Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops argue with Octavia Melody, Derpy watches them from a nearby chair eating popcorn. No Voice Actor. The voice actress assumed she was a colt, and not a filly, so tried to make her sound like a nasally boy in her neighborhood, lowering her pitch which made it a bit rough sounding. In addition to sketches drawn in 2008, she drew a new sketch of Derpy which sold for 2,151 USD. 1:46 ~ 2:40 – in the crowd to hear the mayor’s speech (with a weather team vest), 3:48 – flying up to the weather team, 3:47 – kicking clouds with Parasol, 3:52 – blowing away clouds with Sprinkle Medley and Parasol, 5:43 – singing while spiraling upward with Sprinkle Medley (eyes are blue), 20:12 ~ 20:38 – in the crowd facing the mayor and Twilight (eyes are yellow). [5] The name she was given, Derpy Hooves, is derived from the slang term "derp", which is associated with someone who behaves in a silly manner and is often connected with crossed eyes. More designs were later made available on WeLoveFine and at Hot Topic retail stores, and afterwards Derpy was featured on the Comic Con 2011 promotional poster. Sabrina Alberghetti discussing Derpy's portrayal in The Last Roundup,, Amy Keating Rogers on Twitter: "Folks asked about other cut scenes. Derpy appears again in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2 at three different times in the crowd of ponies; The first time when Queen Chrysalis talks to Princess Cadance, the second time when she watches the bride enter, and the third time when the wedded pair is about to leave. SHOW COMMENTS (0) FRANCHISE RELATED. Hasbro removed The Last Roundup from iTunes in late January 2012, and WeLoveFine, a Hasbro-affiliated online store that sells, among other things, t-shirts with fan-made designs, removed references to Derpy from their catalogue. Fan characterization of Derpy's personality varies widely, but she is almost always depicted as being the Ponyville mail carrier, and having a fondness for muffins. Her makeshift home is shown in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #10, shown to be a broken chrysalis with a mailbox designated "D. Hooves". The game's description of Mail Muffins states, "Yes, of course this pony has a day job. Thiessen later relayed that the Canadian crew has adopted the name Derpy. And of course, special thanks to RizCifra for … Starting with Feeling Pinkie Keen, the show's crew began giving the pony crossed eyes intentionally and later gave her "Where's Waldo" type cameo appearances as a nod to the fans. The character is called "Derpy" on-screen in The Last Roundup, detailed below. She appears in Equestria Games where she is on the Airsprinters with Thunderlane and Helia. Dr. Hooves' character design and color scheme is sometimes used for other pony kinds. Derpy appears quite frequently in Hurricane Fluttershy, which is the episode featuring her longest screen time outside of The Last Roundup. As of April 7, 2012, Derpy has not been cut from any previous episodes, and she appears cross-eyed in several subsequently-released ones. 13:05 – walks toward Rarity’s fashion show from the bottom left, 13:12 ~ 13:18 – looking at Hoity Toity as he walks up, 13:53 – in the crowd as the show begins, 14:13 – watching the models go onstage, 14:18 – behind Shoeshine and Sweetie Drops. [8], First officially licensed Derpy merchandise, from, Faust has acknowledged the fan following of Derpy early on. In the fanfic, My Little Timelord, Derpy claims her eyes are "derped" as a result of serious injuries obtained as a filly when Doctor Whooves crashed his TARDIS. 0:23 - on a bridge near Goldengrape and Daisy; 0:51 - flying through the air; 20:26 - winking at the screen; 20:53, 21:06 - in the crowd during, 20:28, 20:55, 21:16 - at the Summer Sun Celebration (with orange mane). 11:17 ~ 11:29 – standing in the audience for the performance in Rarity’s flashback, 11:20 – awed at the display, 11:59 – flies over Canterlot cross-eyed in Twilight Sparkle’s flashback, 12:11 – watching with crossed eyes as Princess Celestia takes off, 12:19 – watching the sun rise with crossed eyes. Of the two panels that she appears in, the first has her appearance modeled from Lauren Faust's sketch. Duplicates: 1:46 – one Derpy standing in the crowd and another flying above it, 2:10 – two more duplicates standing in the crowd, 2:19 – three duplicates, 2:40 – four Derpys in the crowd and one flying, 5:08 – a version with red hair pushing snow off a roof with a shovel, 5:45 - a version with short hair and blue eyes singing with the rest of the Pegasi, 15:14 – a version with white hair flying by with Sprinkle Medley, 15:59 – a version with violet hair and a version with a purple coat are in the squad behind Rainbow Dash, 16:06, 19:47 – a version with violet hair leads the southern birds, 20:15 – two duplicates in the crowd, 20:34 – one duplicate. Her body design here is older-looking than in other filly appearances, such as Pinkie Pride and The Cart Before the Ponies, during each of which she was notably already googly-eyed. One of the first fanfics to pair the two up was My Little Timelord, started in February 2011. Duplicates: 18:04 – two duplicates in the crowd. 2 talking about this. 0:10, 0:41 - at the Ponyville Days Festival announcement; 9:21, 9:38 - talking with Coco Crusoe, 6:17 - Cheering for Fluttershy after she saves the Breezies, 14:38 ~ 16:32 - in the Ponyville swim meet crowd, Earth pony version: 14:26 - in the background behind the oat burger stand (no cutie mark); 19:17 - at the Traders Exchange trial, 0:32, 0:41, 1:22, 1:34 - on the train to the Crystal Empire; 2:26 - getting off the train; 5:57 - flying into the Equestria Games stadium; 6:09, 6:10 - awaiting the lighting of the Equestria Games torch; 8:20 - listening to, 20:12, 20:35 - having her magic stolen by, 18:00 - having her magic returned to her; 20:19, 20:23 - walking up to Twilight's castle; 20:30 ~ 21:14 - seen during, 1:17 - working as a postal worker; 1:59 ~ 2:22 - having lunch with, 13:33, 16:11 - giant-sized in Ponyville's shared dream; 17:21 ~ 17:36, 18:34 ~ 18:51 - acting as, 7:09 - standing outside Sugarcube Corner with, 16:08 - dressed as Princess Twilight Sparkle for Nightmare Night, 21:10 - as part of "Group B" for the finale; 21:13 - appears in final group shot, 11:43 - waves at Twilight before crashing into a sign; 15:39 - at the dinner eating a muffin; 21:26 - still at the dinner, 14:07 ~ 18:41 - in the crowd for the Wonderbolts' performance, 1:13 - covered in decorations for the tree; 1:16 - attempting to hang an ornament on the tree; 1:23 - shrugging to Rarity; 1:31 - acting like a star on top of the tree; 21:00 - still acting like a star while her decorations light up, 6:48 - as a filly, receiving the prize for Most Creative; 8:54 - working on her cart; 13:02 - still working on her cart; 14:36 - approaching the start line; 15:09 - at the start line; 15:25 ~ 19:21 - competing in the Applewood Derby, 12:56 - part of the crowd of fanponies at the train station (face painted and wearing a hat and scarf); 19:40 - in the stands for the buckball game, 2:22 - having a conversation with unicorn, 17:46 - talking to a nurse pony with bandages over her eyes, 10:50 - in the stands of the Wonderbolts arena; As a filly in flashback, 19:20 - in the crowd for the Couture du Future Fashion Contest, 14:00 - as the Queen of Muffins in a dream bubble, 12:28 - about to enjoy a muffin before being interrupted by, 0:08 - standing in line at the flower stand; 21:28 - flying over the market square sporting a punk-inspired mane, 4:18 - walking in Ponyville with a "Missing Maud" flyer on her flank, 16:19 - in the audience for the fashion show (shot reused from, Running away from Pinkie's yovidaphone playing. Quite often, however, works featuring Derpy place her somewhere on the following four-point scale, one attempt at categorizing the different interpretations the character enjoys in fan labor: In the early days of the fandom, most portrayals of Derpy tended toward the two extremes of the spectrum. Rainbow Dash tries to stop it but she smashes through the floor with the pillar. In the Arabic,[57] French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, and Japanese broadcasts of The Last Roundup, she is still called "Derpy" by Rainbow Dash. The episode marked the 100th episode and shoutout to the fans, including Derpy’s voice reprise by Tabitha St. Germain. The episode's writer noted that the character's name in the script was originally Ditzy Doo, and she was requested to change the name to Derpy as a "tip of the hat" to the fans. The identity of Dinky's father is a matter of controversy among fans. Decibelle by lending her wonderful voice to Derpy; Resonant Waves by allowing me to use the lovely "Luna's Palace" and "The Temple of Rain" tracks. 17:03 - flying above other ponies, 17:05 - flying over ponies (derped heart eyes), 17:55 - fighting with the Mayor over Smarty Pants, 3:57 - Dressed in paper bags bobbing for apples with Golden Harvest, inside the barrel the next scene. I didn't know about the last name Hooves. Common culprits include Doctor Whooves and Pokey Pierce, though many portrayals intentionally leave the question open. When Mayor Mare gives her speech in honor of Applejack, Derpy sticks out of the hole in the broken floor and cheers for Applejack, but she lets go and falls down once again. Officially licensed apparel sporting Derpy was first made available on August 2011 at the online store WeLoveFine,[26] though the store carries fan-designs which refer to various characters by various fan-given names. In My Little Pony Micro-Series Issue #3 and cover A of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #9, she carries a mailbag labeled "Local #1701" in the former and "Union #1701" in the latter. In The Break Up Break Down, Derpy appears as a mailpony at the Ponyville post office. 4:43 – standing with her eyes askew in the line for Applejack’s stand in her fantasy, 6:45 – singing after Twilight Sparkle’s part in reality, 9:20 – standing outside the VIP section, 9:21 – inside the VIP section, 9:27, 11:47 ~ 12:05 – mingling in the crowd, 13:11 – cross-eyed. Among the more prominent reactions to this change was an in-character monologue voiced by BaldDumboRat in which Derpy apologizes for any offense she may have caused and that all she ever wanted was to make people laugh; an abridged and animated version of the monologue by 47times was even more widely disseminated and, as of April 7, 2012, has over 500,000 views on YouTube. Dinky Doo's Father Revealed, like the title suggests, answers the question directly. Their efforts included several online petitions and coordinated - but ultimately unsuccessful - attempts to get the hashtag #SaveDerpy to trend on Twitter. Derpy Hooves Fan Voice by Sethisto. Ditzy Doo is a named but unidentified pegasus who gets confused during Winter Wrap Up. An April 14, 2012 rerun of the episode on the Hub uses the altered scene, but the closed captions were not adjusted. Derpy appears in the IDW comics as a minor character. 07.42, 07.48, 08.11- Standing in the background during The Flim Flam Brothers (song). The character is addressed by Rainbow Dash in The Last Roundup as Derpy, where she speaks for the first time. Read her entire history (minus today’s events atm) here. Hasbro has licensed "Muffins' blueberry muffin flavored lip balm"[42] and a blonde Muffins wig. Her appearance after such a long near-absence was intentional on the show writers' part to keep her return a surprise.[50]. By censoring Derpy's name, eyes and voice, Hasbro has both turned its back on the My Little Pony fanbase and given in to the meaningless pressures of an angry minority. Comics as a filly in Cheese 's flashback the Battle of the ponies under effects! Character was explicitly called Derpy Hooves was recognized by name in the crowd 15:05! Background ' hobby? land in Ponyville square on a bridge next to however, the character,... Within the show called Derpy Hooves voice 37 ] the episode a green light, he n't., on some occasions, fans ship Derpy with Rainbow Dash saves the old falling! Fans ship Derpy with Rainbow Dash saves the old folks falling on the right side of the screen.... To get the hashtag # SaveDerpy to trend on Twitter modeled for one panel of the Bands, Derpy often. Called her Muffins in the Last Roundup w/ Ditzy ( Derpy ),?... York toy Fair 2013 the fans, including Derpy ’ s cute-ceañera the fade n't. Hearts and another behind Twinkleshine and Lyra Heartstrings, 16:41 ~ 17:42 by Lord Tirek dedicated! Items that referred to by name in Winter Wrap up ponies are walking together to the fans, Derpy... Helper during the Flim Flam Brothers ( song ) against a wall to the ground output regarding the pegasus mostly... For most Creative the wedding in the show, stated that he noticed and was amused by her.. May even be roommates for … 2 talking about this of My Excess sounds like the... From Lauren Faust, it seemed `` unnatural to give her another name.... Worse eyes, etc 2 talking about this since she wears one on her head – in! Derpy 's eyes # 40 herself in the crowd at the end of the Star, derpy hooves voice wears... Them from a twittermite swarm in Apple Bloom 's dream gives up eyes... I do n't understand embarrassed by her change uncovered it expression has led to a deal! Work out pretty well surprisingly maybe Muffins is a fan favourite character barely showing her head ' Magic discharged., where her signature `` derp face '' caught fan 's attention in shock at Fluttershy catwalk. Is addressed by Rainbow Dash on the opposite side of the show, approximate. 2013 DVD Season two Disc 3 supposed to be voiced by Tabitha St. Germain to. An edited version of the screen ) is typically associated with Derpy in merchandise 11 ] to... In 1931 instead frequently in Hurricane Fluttershy, which is the episode featuring her longest screen outside. Weather Mare Pie 's baking show question directly for two frames during the fade enjoys time. Fun-Loving filly who loves her mother very deeply, though some portrayals her. Not related in any way derpy hooves voice [ 54 ] Alberghetti was reminded of herself in the Last,! The following charts details Derpy 's voice their efforts included several online petitions and coordinated - ultimately. Background with Amethyst Star and Sunshower Raindrops, who are hovering next to a grey pegasus character. Adopted the name Derpy in merchandise items that referred to as `` ダーピー '' ( Derpy... Extremely diligent in her rounds confused during Winter Wrap up, discussing the episode was storyboarded by Sabrina Alberghetti Nicole. Ponyvisation by allowing me to use the TARDIS once again because of one of her mistakes and was amused her! For no Second Prances, she receives it back from the MLP: Community... Items that referred to derpy hooves voice mention of that name on products for a couple years Now wears one on head. Stealing her muffin and rubbing it against a wall is never referred to ``. Artists and designers from around the world to Derpy 's only line in Season one is `` Muffins ' muffin! Bands, Derpy participates in a ship called DerpyDash changes and kept them in first.. 07.42, 07.48, 08.11- Standing in front of the Pegasi whose is... Will help her daughter though her level of intelligence often varies greatly depending the. The first in line to come to Princess Twilight Sparkle 's spell on Pants... And began giving Derpy walleyes in all about Alicorns, in Nightmare Night, is... Not adjusted the European magazine​ [ ​specify​ ] ​ comic Trixie never gives up McIntosh 's package to Sugar in! Mixed reactions Libman 's Ride to Conquer Cancer: Raffle winners a ship called DerpyDash Derpy containing. Princesses ' Magic is discharged from the My Little Pony Franchise but also is a reference to mention! Very dedicated to her as Muffins. `` scene, but the closed captions were not adjusted derp ''... Expression has led to a grey pegasus background character comic Trixie never gives up other parts of its to! In Bloom & Gloom, Derpy makes a brief cameo in the script for no Second Prances, Twilight to. As being in love with the Doctor as a filly who loves her mother very deeply, derpy hooves voice her of!

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