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A temporary residence permit in Ukraine is necessary for a foreign national, if you plan to stay more than 90 days. In practice, obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine is rather complicated and costly. After work permit has been obtained (which is required in most cases for employment of a foreign employee), a foreign employee can relocate to Ukraine upon securing a temporary residence permit. Residence permit - a document entitling a foreigner or stateless persons for temporary or permanent residence in Ukraine on certain purposes according to Ukrainian law. This address can … Before entering Ukraine you need to book the place of your stay. This article is a guide to main requirements and procedure of securing a temporary residence permit for foreign employees in Ukraine. You can continuously stay within the territory of Ukraine for the whole duration of validity of the residence permit… Temporary residence permit allows foreigner to stay in Ukraine without additional visas. Our practice shows that this type of a temporary residence permit is often given to the employees of the foreign banks, which operate in Ukraine, journalists and other employees of the foreign mass-media outlet registered and accredited in Ukraine or those, who arrived to Ukraine … After getting a work permit, a foreign citizen is eligible to apply for a temporary residence permit in Ukraine for 1 year (for the employed owners of a business in Ukraine the term may be up to 3 years) with the unlimited right to extend it (and the work permit … A special document, called a “certificate” (posvidka), is issued to foreigners or stateless persons to confirm their right to stay in Ukraine … The term for temporary residence permit depends on the ground. Zalizniak & Associates can facilitate the delivery of a Ukrainian residence permit … A foreigner or a stateless person in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine may entry the territory of Ukraine and stay here without any additional permits … The temporary residence permit term in Ukraine is up to 3 years. The second step is the application for a temporary residence permit. Residence Permit in Ukraine is the document that proves the identity of a foreigner or a stateless person and certifies that its holder has legal grounds to reside temporarily in the territory of Ukraine… RESIDENCE PERMIT IN UKRAINE . It is issued for 1 year and is prolonged annually. Stateless persons – 3 years of residence in Ukraine (Knowledge of the state language, official income, immigration permit); Foreigners married to a Ukrainian citizen over 2 years – 2 years of residence in Ukraine (Knowledge of the state language, official income, immigration permit); There are two types of Ukraine residence permit: a temporary Ukraine residence permit allows to stay in the country for up to a year, while a permanent Ukraine residence permit allows someone stay in the country indefinitely. Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine. Important to have a written agreement with the landlord. This document is valid for 1 year. Marrying Ukrainian citzen, employment, studying, volunteering in Ukraine are the most popular grounds for permit. For example, the term for a residence permit which has been issued under work permit can not be longer than the work permit term. Residence permit …

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