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You will regret what you have done this day! Stink voiced by John DiMaggio . The result didn't just cross over the line, it continually played hopscotch going back and forth over it. I will make you regret ever being born! Korgoth of Barbaria is a pilot episode for what was originally planned as an American animated television series created by Aaron Springer, storyboard artist, writer and director for Dexter's Laboratory, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Samurai Jack, and SpongeBob SquarePants.It was first aired in the United States on June 3, 2006, at 12:30 AM on Adult Swim. Cloud DVR with no storage limits. From the frozen north emerges a warrior known as Korgoth, and his merciless savagery may be his only key to survival " We're ok with this, however, your experience might not be that great. Henchman … zKillboard has detected that it has been embedded in an iframe. Korgoth of Barbaria. Always up to date. Orala voiced by Susan Spano . The location of this NPC is unknown. Directed by Aaron Springer, Genndy Tartakovsky. Click here to view this embedded window properly, or just click anywhere below this dialog to view the iframe. Message X