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It is the exact opposite, in fact. And thus started the mad scramble for money by any means by all strata of government in Nigeria. if (document.mmm_fo) document.write ("&mmm_fo=1"); Stamp duty is the new darling – the best extortion instrument resurrected by the Buhari government and it is being honed for more brutal effectiveness on a daily basis, to the extent that different agencies are fighting for the weapon. The pretext was that each student needed to be tested for the disease. په خاپړوړو ګر ځېدل: په ډكه وهل، پورې وهل، ټېله كول: تيت اوپرك كول: سره ګډول: په خاپوړو كېدل: ټېله كېدل: تيت او پرك كېدل: سره ګډېدل, รีบหรือแก่งแย่งกับผู้อื่นเพื่อเอาอะไรสักอย่าง, обърквам (съобщение) чрез промяна на честотата на вълната, (रेडियो, टेलीफोन वार्ता को) अबोधगम्य बनाना, ٹیلیفون میں آواز کو بگاڑنا تاکہ صرف کوئی مخصوص شخص سمجھ سکے. Recall that the test costs $1.00 (or N380) in Senegal. God help us. The organisation claims that it is in charge of anything ‘stamp’ in Nigeria, but is being sent back to face its duties of conveying letters from one point to the other by a Johnny-come-lately FIRS, which is inadvertently admitting that it had slept on duty for decades (that is if the collection of stamp duty is justified). NIPOST is in a tiff with FIRS because of the name ‘stamp’. © 2021 JNews - Premium WordPress news & magazine theme by Jegtheme. Naira devalued from N179 to N306 officially and N360 (to the US dollar) on the streets in 2016. NIPOST is in a tiff with FIRS because of the name ‘stamp’. But the states are looking for money – to fan the egos of governors and their hangers-on mostly – so it is unlikely that the threat would work. The vehicles weren’t even assembled in Nigeria. But who cares? It is also showing why the "Mad Scramble for Africa" is called "mad". It was a mad scramble trying to get things ready in time: 23. When?, By Attahiru M. Jega, Sunday Igboho and the Spirit of Ogbori Elemoso, By Festus Adedayo, Time To Have More Gumis In Society: When Action Speaks Louder Than Words, By Umar Yakubu, Of Toyin Falola, African Scholars and the Western Academy, By Mohammed Dahiru Aminu, Nigeria: the Sad Return To 'Broken' Chains, By Eric Teniola. Earlier, the National Assembly took delivery of hundreds of SUVs for the comfort of legislators too, and Minister Rotimi Amaechi justified the approval of N683 million for the Nigerian Ports Authority, to purchase 19 ‘operational vehicles’. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The curse of luxurious cars has not lifted from the heads of our leaders, who only understand the language of egos. And thus started the mad scramble for money by any means by all strata of government in Nigeria. I pity this government though. 她爬上了陡峭的山坡,翻过岩石。. Nigerian people are seen as the miserables who must pay. The statement threatened fire and brimstone to whoever failed to comply. More than three million fans are expected to scramble for tickets: 22. The U.K. economy (GDP) is reported to have fallen by a whole 20 per cent between April and June this year, in response to the lockdown. the scramble for power in the country. They can just sell the paper on which it is written to the nearest ‘boli’ seller. Again, God help us. A scramble over the rocks takes you to the most perfect of beaches: 20. God help us. '); No one has even explained the reason behind the levying of stamp duties on every transaction, such as cash deposits in banks and so on, short of the fact that government is looking for money to spend on the usual frivolities, or that it was introduced by some colonial ordinance in 1934, and so it must be continued. The price of gold is under strict control right now, but here’s what’s coming… (by Half Dollar) An actual gold advocate (not Judy Shelton) wrote a rather interesting article the other day, and two phrases keep sticking in my mind after I read it, and both phrases are in relation to the US Dollar:. But on another think, I don’t pity the government. I am sure some smart Alec in FIRS must have been taking glory for advising the chairman about a forgotten goldmine. While you would use a word unscrambler to unscramble words; a word scrambler is used to scramble words for word scramble games. Back To FIRS and stamp duties. var m3_r = Math.floor(Math.random()*99999999999); Let me say here though, that indeed the Nigerian government is pushing out a number of palliatives to assuage the suffering of Nigerians in this COVID period, just like other nations. His ministers lined up in tow, deceiving themselves and the world. They don’t even have to read the report. Yet the auditor’s reports gather dust, even under our so-called anti-corruption government. 3. Review other cartoons. Travel quarantine on Portugal and Hungary comes into force after last Britons arrive back in the UK following mad scramble before 4am deadline today The four companies are in a mad scramble for market share. The search for money is intense. Not even the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) nor the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) brings out the kind of detailed analysis on the activities of our MDAs like our AuGF does. The FIRS – in trying to reposition itself as all its regular sources of revenue disappeared or dwindled to trickles – the petroleum profit tax, company income tax, VAT, royalties, etc. The FIRS became crestfallen. var DesktopZoneID = 1154121 If we paid to landlords, the FIRS will have a hard time retrieving the money from their usually ‘Araldite’ fists. The whole thing about stamp duties on rent seems to have fizzled out a bit. EDITORIAL: President Buhari Must Release Sowore Now! By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. Pity the nation. The Lagos State Film and Video Censors Board is looking for money.

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