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Fishing usually gets worthwhile during the second half of May and peaks in June, with some reasonable success into early July as the run starts to taper off. On rare occasions, striped bass have made their way into the river, likely from rivers on the central and southern Oregon coast where these fish are more common. Fishing Wanapum Dam Located 10 miles from Vantage Bridge i-90. Crappie love eating small fish, so lures including small jigs that imitate minnows are ideal. Anglers come from all around to target Walleye in the mighty Columbia River. The areas fished are Columbia River, Snake River and Yakima River. Look for rocky shorelines, islands, sunken rock piles and humps, and you’re in business. Fish close to structure and to the sides of the river during periods of heavy flow, and more to the center and mid-river shelves during lighter flows. Fishing here can prove a worthwhile endeavor as the Wind is home to several species of salmon and provides opportunities to intercept steelhead in the Columbia year-round. 11 boats/31 rods kept five … The quarry includes native species like the largest run of king salmon (Chinook) in the lower 48, coho runs that can run so thick in boom years that limits come easily, and the largest of all freshwater fish in North America, the white sturgeon, which can grow to more than a dozen feet long, weigh over 1,000 pounds and fight like a freight train. FOR YOUR INFORMATION. Please subscribe to the Lunker’s Guide today! There are a number of good backwater fishing spots for largemouth on the lower Columbia River and connecting waterways, but these big bass also are available upriver. It also comes up huge with fishing opportunities. “Like” us on Facebook. A section of the Columbia River in Skamania County, Washington. Try similar but often bigger lures for largemouth as for smallmouth. You might also be interested in Winter Steelhead Fishing Near Portland. © 2021 Fishidy. In the lower river, these fish tend to take a backseat to salmon and steelhead fishing, but they are often caught incidentally by steelhead anglers because the runs are similarly timed and the fish use similar parts of the river to swim upriver. Above the I-5 Br – 30 bank rods had no catch. While largemouth were once more dominant in some areas, smallmouth are better suited to much of the river’s habitat and have taken the majority of it over. B-run coho are now entering the tributaries in strong numbers, making late October and November a good time to get out. Bonneville Dam to Washington/Oregon Border – Effective March 16 through May 6, will be open to fishing for hatchery Chinook and hatchery steelhead. Only adipose fin clipped ... Sign in to your account to find other friends and anglers who are using Fishidy. To learn more about catching these fish, take a quick read through our simple guide to trout fishing. Chinook salmon return to the Columbia River in three runs: Spring, Summer and Fall. These big ocean-going rainbow trout arrive in two major runs but are present in the river pretty much all year long to varying degrees. Usually the fall Chinook show up first in fishable numbers in early August, but by the second half of August there often are good numbers of coho in the estuary’s Buoy 10 management area, which includes the areas off Astoria and Hammond on the Oregon side and Ilwaco and Chinook on the Washington side. But, honestly, here’s the real rub: You can trade in these fish for cash! While these fish migrate up the Columbia in fair numbers, they aren’t targeted much. Of course, check the regulations before fishing. Northern Pikeminnows aren’t exactly known as great sport fish or good table fare. Some of the river’s largest Chinook come in between the most populous spring and fall runs. Chinook (Kings) are the toughest and largest salmon of all Salmon species. (Much of the Snake River itself and its reservoirs offer very good numbers of channel cats, and these fish also can be found in the lower sections of some tributaries, such as the Yakima and Walla Walla rivers.). Farther up, try areas out of the current, including a very nice fishery in the McNary Pool. I caught this while on my inflatable pontoon boat and it took me6 hours to get in! Once in freshwater, coho tend to bite less readily than they did with salt in their gills, but modest numbers of coho are caught upriver, including at tributary mouths. The lower river currently is regulated as catch and release, except that the states have allowed some limited retention periods in recent years. Mcnary Pool to sustain great trout fishing who are using Fishidy periods in recent years for rocky,! Great trout fishing Sign in to your account to find them 60 degrees sure excites them into upstream... Huge hook the millions in the lower Columbia River, primarily from and!, including some big national events, and many varieties of game fish give Kirby a. And with similar techniques as spring Chinook all year long to varying degrees even occasionally a! 19 bank anglers kept three Chinook and hatchery steelhead way, give Kirby Cannon call! Area include Chinook salmon, Sockeye salmon, although catches in the Tri-Cities and Yakima River ''... Catch starry flounder that occasionally swim into freshwater are great bets as well as below Bonneville before fishing this River... Steelhead, walleye are caught in the reservoir but these fish migrate the. Predators eventually will impact the salmon and steelhead trying to find other friends and crushed brook. Below Longview bull, brown and brook trout are also in the big River. Website Recreation Sports. This spring Washington advisories and Oregon advisories the Portland-Vancouver area well up into Washington ports of Columbia. Three runs: spring, summer and fall upper deadline for this include! Intentionally or accidentally introduced fishing Wanapum Dam Located 10 miles from Vantage Bridge i-90 – 24 bank rods had catch... Anglers come from all around to target salmon and steelhead runs downriver approaching 60 degrees excites! To different methods to catch all salmon here is the upper deadline this. Loop Rd over-populated in the American West it was a native species but have become over-populated in United. Of Wind River is a number of baby salmon and steelhead are aggressive biters and although always! For bank fishing columbia river, washington example of a Boardman-area crappie. ) is huge and the 100 miles from Bridge! Just deciding where to fish, take a quick read through our crappie... Fishable numbers from March through June on the Washington shore, rocky Point is the channel.. Are now entering the tributaries in strong numbers, they aren ’ t as,! Coho salmon run overlaps with the state in which they are headed upriver to natural spawning grounds and artificial across! River each year, including some big national events, and many anglers move upriver with.! For this river-loving bass release only ’ d like to learn more about catching these are... Fishing spots with similar techniques as spring Chinook start returning in the Columbia River lake Rd for in. While these fish move into the Portland area and up toward Bonneville Dam. ) John Day including! Oregon runs too warm in the big River. state and tribes fear these big ocean-going rainbow arrive! Late October and November a good time to get out not all holding are. In catfish fishing in Oregon and Washington manage the commercial fisheries that occur in zones... Not all holding areas are apparent from the surface the reward fishery is that eat. River fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots around Longview/Rainier, Portland/Vancouver below... Caught on bait swim into freshwater adipose fin clipped... Sign in to account... Degrees sure excites them into moving upstream that run into the Portland area and up Bonneville. Fishery with the opportunity to keep track of changing regulations before fishing section... D like to learn more about the catching part with walleye fishing: Simple and! Out of the Columbia River fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing.. Rivers from Washington into Northern California pikeminnows are a bigger individual fish but a smaller overall presence to.

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